Escort webites for sale (2) 150 k++ visitors a month

Auction Status : Reserve Not Met Listing Expires : 12th January 2018
Website for sale



Yearly revenue from portals for period of last 12 months is at the level of 22 489 eur

While setting the portal to initial return, the yearly turnover is estimated at the level of more than 30 000 eur.
Average turnover in 2016 was at the level of 1 860 e


Average visits per month for last 3 months are at the level of 77 000 visits a month.
(Summer months are the lowest months on traffic)
The best winter months are on the level of 100 - 140k+ per month


Hello there,
Great sale of adult websites (Slovakia country)
I am quitting adult industry as I have many other project.
But I would like to sell 2 webistes (altogether) for escorts in slovakia.

100+k visitors per month and 30+k visitors on another one
Revenue more than 22 k eur a year (costs 6400 eur a year)


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